Internationale Keramiekmarkt Dwingeloo

Information participants

Concerning: The 30th Ceramics Fair, North Netherlands, 2023


Dear Fellow Potter,

The 30th  renowned Ceramics Fair will take place on Thursday, May 18th , 2023 (Ascension Day). 

This fair is organized by the Foundation 'Keramiekmarkt Noord Nederland Dwingeloo'.  Due to the tremendous number of applications for a stall at the Fair, a selection process will take place. 


We invite you to apply for the Keramiekmarkt in Dwingeloo -start  20th oktober 2022

You can only apply by using our website and a  computer  (a smartphone will not work).


1.    Application

Visit our website website  In the top-menu you wil find the item Participants and beneath that:

  • Information participants:  This letter.
  • Hints and tips:                    Explanation of how the application procedure works.
  • Application                         Here you can apply by filling in the form and uploading your photographs.-    
    • Four or five photographs (one of which presents your booth).  In the document Hints and tips you will find the requirements for your photographs.
    • Please take care that the photographs you send along with your application are of a good quality. The selection committee has to choose from a large amount of potential participants, and uses the photo’s to judge your   work. Therefore the photo’s should be clear and representative of your work. Please don’t send a great variety of photo’s, as this might hinder the judging.
    • The photograph of your booth allows the selection panel to judge your presentation.
    • By sending in your application you agree with the publication, when you are selected,  of your name, city, website and your photographs on our website. This information will stay on our website from the date of selection untill the start of the next application period.

    • You can only participate with work made by yourself.
    • The application period ends at 30th December 2022.


2. Selection criteria

An independent panel consisting of three pottery experts will judge the submitted photographs for professionalism and quality. The panel is also concerned with content and variety of the Fair. If you have not been chosen it does not necessarily mean that your work is of insufficient standard but it could be that there were too many potters with  similar styles or products .


3. Results of the procedure

Mid februari  we will send you a message saying whether or not you have been selected or placed on the reserve list.  The decision of the panel is binding.  


4.  The fair

This year there will be about 90 stalls for ceramists.  During the day there will be extra activities such as theater, music, a special area for children and demonstrations of ceramic techniques.

 The Fair  will take place on a secluded site from 10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.

 Participation costs amount to 45 euro's.  This includes:

  • A fully set-up stall of 1 x 4 meter with two white awnings - one as rear awning, the other as  roof.  All you have to do is lay-out your goods. (no chairs are provided).
  • Four tickets to exchange for coffee or tea..
  • For two persons per stall a lunchbox. 
  • After the market there is a bread meal € 15,-

5. Prizes

During the Fair a jury will judge the stalls for the following prizes:

-       'Keramiekprijs Noord Nederland Dwingeloo': 

The prize is a ceramic work and prize money of  € 500,-  This prize is donated annually by Wiechers Wonen, Dwingeloo.

-       ‘Draaiprijs’:  The prize for wheel-made pottery.

This prize is a ceramic work and prize money of  € 250,00 + 1 voucher (€.250,00) to spend bij Veka   (made available by VeKA, Dreumel and our foundation)


The Fair is advertised in National newspapers and professional magazines, regional papers and by sending information to galleries, libraries and tourist offices. The regional television and radio stations also promote this event.


Best Wishes,


The Organizing Committee for the

Foundation 'Keramiekmarkt Noord Nederland Dwingeloo'



Inge Jonkers

Tel:      0031 561 451 633



 NB.  When you don’t want to receive an invitation anymore, please inform us by sending your name, address and the phrase UNSUBSCIBE  to: